How to Switch Off 'Limit Ad Tracking' for iOS

Ad Tracking on your iOS device allows our partners to confirm that it's you who installed the app.
In other words, Ad Tracking helps you earn credits.

Here's how to enable it.

1. Go To Settings


2. Open Privacy


3. Open Advertising


4. Turn OFF Limit Ad Tracking


5. Go Back to Blu 🎉 🎉


In case the Limit Ad Tracking Button is greyed out for you

1. Limit Ad Tracking is greyed out

2. Go to General

3. Navigate to Restrictions

(make sure Restrictions are off)

4. Enter your Passcode

5. Find Advertising 

6. Select Allow Changes 

7. Go back to Limit Ad Tracking under Privacy and switch it off 


5. Go Back to Blu 🎉 🎉

In case you don't have Blu

1. download blu:



2. Open Blu and navigate to:


All set! You should be ready to keep collecting credits on AppBounty


Happy hunting!


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