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Hey! So you're interested in becoming a Super Bounty Hunter and getting riches beyond your wildest dreams? Here are some commonly asked questions people like you might ask when getting started.

How do I get a personalized code?

  1. Download AppBounty from the Google PlayStore

  2. Go to invite tab where you’ll see an automatic-generated code. Please send the code to your account manager and we will change it to the one you ask. Remember, it needs to have at least 1 capital letter :)

How do I get paid?

Once you have at least 25,000 credits, you will be contacted by AppBounty and asked if you would like a payment. Unless requested otherwise, we’ll cash out the maximum credits you have. We'll organize payment via PayPal.

You can of course still opt to redeem your credits with variety of gift cards we offer at any time (you can always let us know if you want to have part of your credits cashed out and leave some behind for gift cards).


What will I get as a media partner?

  • A bigger audience: AppBounty’s a new app that over one million users already love. Other partners who have reviewed us have attracted more traffic, views and subscribers.

  • Promotion: We promote our best videos on our Facebook and Twitter pages to over 100,000 followers.

  • Money: we’ll pay you for every user who signs up through your video. You could earn quite a lot!

  • Free stuff: We can offer you giveaways for your viewers, money, iPads, bonus credits and gift cards.

  • PayPal Option - Cash out the Credits you collected. This Paypal option is privilege we give to only our partners. Normal users can only redeem the credits with gift cards.

  • Personalized invite code and link: Our partners can request what code they like to have in order to increase the legitimacy of the code as well as to make it easier for their users.

  • Chance to be our "Blogger of The Week". Every 2 weeks we choose a video or a post from our media partners to be featured in our social media channels where we have tens of thousands of followers. This is a great opportunity for every blogger to grow their user base.

  • Priority Account - Your account will be labeled as "priority", meaning that you can get gift cards immediately upon redeeming (no 24h approval process as normal users). And what’s even better, people who use your invite code will be labeled “priority” as well.

How the partnership works & how you earn money

The only thing you need to do is make a video review about AppBounty for your channel. You will get an invite code & link which we can customize for you (e.g. http://abo.io/specialcode). For every successful invite (user follows your link and downloads 2 apps), you’ll get up to 250 Credits ($.50). Let’s say just 100 people follow your link, then you easily earn 50$. You can do the math when more users use your link. We have some media partners who earn around $1000 a month on average by doing this.

Each month, you can cash out the Credits you have via PayPal and/or exchange them with variety of gift cards we offer. The Paypal option is a privilege we give ONLY to our media partners (normal users don´t have this option).

So it’s really up to you how you want to promote your link and which platform you want to do it. Besides YouTube channel, you can tweet, post on Facebook, and even give shout outs on Twitch! The more views you attract, the more cash you’ll earn at the end of the day. As simple as that :)

How much will I earn?

For every successful invite, you will get up to 250 Credits ($.50). You will easily earn $10 just for gaining 20 new users. You can do the math if more people use your code ;). If you have a catchy video title and good user engagement, you’ll be better off at getting a bunch of views and have your Credits add up fast! Some of our media partners make 100’s of dollars a week doing this!

Please email marketing@advertilemobile.com or talk to your account manager to get special tips and tricks to earn the most credits possible!

How do I know how many people use my code?

You will know how many people use your code by checking the number of credits in your account. For example, 1 invite = 250 credits (if user is on iOS), which means if you have 1000 credits in your account you would have brought in 4 users. Lastly, to know how much you are earning in dollars, 1000 credits = $2.00.


I don’t have any iOS or Android device, but I’d like to review AppBounty. What can I do?

Oh that’s too bad, our application is currently for iOS and Android. Perhaps you can borrow your friend or family member’s iOS or Android device? As long as you trust your friend wouldn’t take your credits, it should be fine;). The invite code is the way you (and I) know how many invites and credits you have.


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