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Hey there! So you're looking to become a Super Bounty Hunter (AKA a Media Partner)??? Sounds cool! We'd love to talk :)

Typically, we only sponsor people with Youtube, Twitter, or Facebook accounts with about 5000 subscribers or more. Once they reach this point we might give out a few iTunes Gift Cards, and possible do a giveaway for the audience if the channel is promising after doing an initial review of AppBounty.

Another way to kickstart the process is to make a YouTube video about AppBounty while promoting your invite code and if its looks to be promising (lots of views, positive response etc.) then we can talk more about doing a sponsorship :) It can't hurt, you'll only earn credits for telling people about your invite code!


We also recommend checking out our Media Partner FAQ for more info and to Apply to Become a Media Partner if you think you have what it takes!

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