Why am I not getting credits after inviting a friend?

Don't panic. There are a number of reasons that this may be happening.  Please read the most common reasons why this may be happening below:

  1. Your credit hasn't shown up because you haven't waited long enough.  It can take up to one day AFTER your friend has completed their first sponsored offer
  2. Your friend has not completed an offer yet.  For iOS users, each person you invite must download Blu and complete 1 additional offer.  This must be done before you get credits.  Remember, even if your friend downloaded TapBounty, they still need to try one more offer before you will receive your friend credits.
  3. Your friend did not use the correct link when signing up for AppBounty.  If your friend goes to AppBounty without following the link that was sent with the invitation, we have no way of knowing that it was from you and we can't give you credits.  Make sure your friend uses the link or enters your invite code correctly. Put a personal message on the invitation if you want to make sure they follow the link.
  4. Your friend has already visited our app before and has enrolled with unfortunately you won't receive credits for this invitation.
If you are sure that none of the above scenarios apply and are still not receiving credit, then just send us a message and we'll figure out what the problem is. We're always happy to help!
For a closer insight of how to use AppBounty check out How do I earn credits?
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