How does AppBounty work?

AppBounty rewards you with gift cards for trying new apps. To get your free gift cards is very simple, just go to on your iOS device.

Blu & AppBounty

Although AppBounty runs in your browser (Safari, Chrome, or others) you still need to download our companion app, Blu from the AppStore in order to create your account and secure your credits. Blu, the full-screen browser also acts as a shortcut to AppBounty so you don't need to open Safari every time you want to use the platform. Enable push notifications in Blu if you want to get the most out of AppBounty. We will notify you every time you receive your credits, when there is a new hot app for a bunch of credits or to find out whether you won one of the contests.

The Credit System

On AppBounty each app has a certain amount of credits that you will get for just downloading and trying it out. We are working in partnership with major app developers and ad networks who are providing all the offers that you see on AppBounty. When you successfully download an app from AppBounty and keep it open for 30 seconds, our partners receive a signal that a new user has used their app. Based on this signal they pay a certain amount which we are sharing with you in form of credits. This also means that we can only give you credits when everything went well during the download.

Once you have downloaded enough apps and earned enough credits you can buy the gift card of your choice: iTunes, Amazon, Steam, Xbox Live, Netflix, PSN Cards and many more!

You can use your iTunes to get free in-app currencies like Gems!

Inviting Friends

You can earn even more credits by inviting your friends! Earn bonus credits by getting your friends to sign up using your custom invite code!

So, what are you waiting for? Go back to and earn a free gift card today!


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