Can I get Gift Cards for any country?

AppBounty is awesome because we are available internationally. We have a selection of international rewards which can be used in any country (find them in the US list). It includes:

- Minecraft servers
- Amazon gift cards
- Google Play gift cards (with a Google Wallet account registered in the US)
- Facebook gift cards

We are also offering iTunes, Xbox, Steam and PlayStation gift cards for Germany, USA, Canada, Spain, UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia... with plenty of more to come soon.  If you want us to start adding rewards for your country, let us know!

To set your list as the U.S. one.
1. Go to the Rewards Tab


Select "Your Country" & Choose the U.S. (Its at the bottom!)


3. You're all set! You now have access to the International Rewards.


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