How do I get credits?

There are 3 ways for users to earn credits using AppBounty:

  1. Download apps
  2. Complete tasks
  3. Invite your friends to AppBounty

So, let's look into this.

1. Download apps

  • Choose one of the fun apps listed on our offer wall

  • Install the app to your mobile following the link to the App Store

  • Open the app and spend a few minutes using it.
    • Simply go through the application AT LEAST ONE TIME.  If you like the app, keep it on your mobile device and enjoy it as much as you like. If it isn't your cup of tea, just uninstall it. It is just that easy!


2. Complete task

  • Works almost as downloading offers

  • Before you start the task make sure to read the description and follow the instructions

(eg. Download + open app and reach a certain level)


3. Invite your friends to AppBounty

  • Go to the invites tab to find your invite code and the link you can share with your friends

  • You can use the Quick Share links to share your invite code with your friends without leaving the app
  • Or, you can just copy & paste the invite link in a direct message to your friends using your favorite messenger (for that you have to switch from AppBounty to a messenger app on your device)

To learn more about inviting friends check out our FAQ.


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