How long does it take to get credits?

Credits After Completing a Task

  • First of all, make sure to follow the instructions and try the app at least once for minimum 30 seconds before credits will be given
  • It depends on the sponsor.  Some are very fast and others are a little bit slower but in any case please give the offers at least 20 minutes before you start worrying about the credits.
  • Sometimes some of our providers' offers may not convert.
  • Downloads don't always give you the credits.We know this can be very annoying and we are working hard to improve the quality of our offers.
    • This can have several reasons:
      • links are broken and you are not directed to the AppStore
      • you end up in the AppStore but you see a different app or everything seems to be working fine but our partner was not able to track it properly
      • if you are using VPN (against our Terms & Conditions) this can give you a hard time earning credits - besides the fact that you'll have difficulties receiving a gift card
  • Also, if you have tried these offers through another provider or just before coming to AppBounty, credits will not be given.


Credits After Inviting a Friend

  • Remember, once your friend has followed the link from your invitation and created their AppBounty account they have to downloaded BLU and at least one sponsored app
  • After your friend has completed a sponsored app and received their credits for it, it can take up to 24-48 hours before you will receive your invite bonus too


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