What is Play & Earn?

Here at AppBounty, we believe that mobile gaming is a profession and thus, professionals - our amazing Users - should be treated and rewarded accordingly.

In addition giving out credits for downloading apps, we wanted a section where we reward every second of your gaming time. That is why AppBounty introduced an amazing feature for players who value their time - Play & Earn!

Here is how you can make more out of gaming with AppBounty:

Under the Targets section in AppBounty you'll see the tab for Play & Earn.


Click any app and you'll be prompted to go to the Terms of Use. Read them. We know, it’s not as captivating as Harry Potter, but it explains the ‘Play & Earn’ feature in detail.

Screenshot_20170705-162038.png Screenshot_20170504-114227.png

Next, Grant Access to Usage Data. To do so, follow the steps shown in the pop-up and ensure Permit Usage Access is turned on for AppBounty. We want to reward you for every second of game play and this makes sure we do!


Now you're all set! You'll be automatically redirected to the Google Play Store to install the app and start playing. You can keep track of your progress in each of the apps in the Play & Earn section. 

Screenshot_20170705-162753.png Screenshot_20170705-163913.png

IMPORTANT! Make sure to always start the apps through AppBounty, otherwise we won't be able to reward you properly.


AppBounty will keep track of your gaming time and reward your progress stage by stage.

You will be notified about completing a stage and getting your reward with push-notification - cha-ching!

Think big and download every app! Every each of them is rewarded separately! Remember, time is MONEY!

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