You asked and we listened!

As many of you demanded more ways of earning credits we wanted to ease your job of reaching your desired gift cards. Inside Targets you will find a bunch of new offer types:

  • Games – you usually need to download games and reach a certain level to get rewarded. Watch out because if you already downloaded the particular app from our Apps section then you won't qualify for the credits.
  • Videos – you just need to watch video ads and then get rewarded 
  • Registration – you need to sign up for services with valid information to get credits
  • Surveys – help researchers and companies understand their customers better. Watch out, some surveys might take up to 20 minutes and for other you need to be qualified demographically to be eligible for the rewards.
  • Deals – get access to special offers and vouchers from renowned brands. You often not only need to signup but also purchase something on these platforms to get rewarded.
  • Mixed – Offers that don't fall into the above-mentioned categories will show up in the mixed section.

We hope you are as excited about these new offers as we are!


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