What, exactly, does it mean to 'Try' an App?

Trying an app means that you need to open it and play around with it for at least 2 minutes. We strongly recommend reading the instructions before starting your download or one of our Tasks (read more about Offers & Downloads).
As a reminder for most of the cases these steps apply:

  1. Pick an app you like on AppBounty
  2. Read the instructions carefully:
    • Most of the time it’s enough to download and open the app
    • But sometimes you need to pay attention especially with Tasks (learn more here)
  3. Follow the download link on AppBounty which will lead you to the App Store / Play Store
  4. Download the link from the App Store / Play Store
  5. Open the app
  6. Run it for at least 2 minutes
  7. Try not to switch networks (e.g. from Wi-Fi to 3G) while performing the steps above

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