Play & Earn

What is Play & Earn?

Here at AppBounty, we believe that mobile gaming is a profession and thus, professionals - our amazing Users - should be treated and rewarded accordingly.

In addition giving out credits for downloading apps, we wanted a section where we reward you for actually playing games. That is why AppBounty introduced an amazing feature for players who value their time - Play & Earn!

How does it work?

Your gaming time is rewarded by completing Daily Missions. To unlock the missions you first need to Install the App. Then you will receive a push notification letting you know that your daily mission has been unlocked; click on it to return to AppBounty. Once you're back you'll see your unlocked Daily Mission. Pay attention to what it says, then click on it, use the app continuously for the required amount of time and receive your credits. Easy! Once your mission is completed, the next one will be unlocked the following day.

I like the game, can I keep playing?

Of course! In fact we encourage that. We just will only reward you one time per day per app.

Can I complete missions in more than one app per day?

Definitely. Install and complete missions in as many apps as you like.

I already had the app installed, can I now start earning credits for using it?

Sorry, unfortunately not. We are only able to reward first time users for their time spent in-app.

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    Reni Re

    I Didn't get rewarded for play and earn..all apps running but after first minute error message appears instead of credits.

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