What are cooldowns?

The best things in life take time, and our Play & Earn offers are no different. We want to reward users for not only completing stages, but also for sticking with our apps and using them day-in and day-out.

When you've reached a cooldown that means that you aren't able complete any more stages in that app until the next day. Pay attention to the timer underneath the name of the app, it tells you exactly when the next stage will be available. Don't worry if that sounds too complicated, we'll also send you a push notification about it, so be sure to have those enabled.

We know what you're thinking: I like the game and want to keep playing, can I? Of course you can, it just means you won't earn any more credits for playing until the next day. If you want to keep earning credits you'll have to download and play some other apps, or check out the rest of the tabs in the "Targets" section.

Happy hunting!

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